The 2015 FAQ

when & where will the crawl start?

The Crawl will take place on Saturday, October 31st – Halloween Night. It begins at Poison Girl, Pistolero’s, and the Free Press Graveyard starting at 7 o’clock.

what are the stops on the crawl?

  1. Poison Girl, Pistolero’s, and the Free Press Graveyard from 7 to 9, with best costume awards at 8
  2. Boondocks, Stone’s Throw, and Etro Lounge from 8 to 10, with best costume awards at 9
  3. Catbirds, Royal Oak, and Doc’s Motorworks from 9 to 11, with best costume awards at 10
  4. Slick Willie’s, Hay Merchant, and El Real Tex-Mex from 10 to 12, with best costume awards at 11, and the grand prize award at midnight at Slick Willie’s

All times are approximate. Everyone’s free to crawl ahead or drag behind.

Here’s a handy map to all of the bars & restaurants (in case you forget where you are):


how can the crawl be in different places at the same time?

Because it’s magic! Also, no one location is big enough to host all of our Crawlers on its own, so the Crawl actually moves from area to area, and not from one single venue to another. And the times overlap because the Crawl doesn’t have a rigid schedule. The idea is to keep Crawling to Slick Willie’s for the costume contest finals at midnight, but everyone is free to get there at their own pace.

how does the costume contest work?

It actually works pretty well, which is amazing considering we have to pick 12 finalists out of thousands of Crawlers packing 12 separate bars. But yeah, it’s somewhat complicated, definitely crazy, and it goes like this:

A big, big, big costume contest will be held at midnight at Slick Willie’s, where our honorary Grand Crawler will pick a grand prize winner out of 12 finalists. That freakiest finalist will win dinner for 6 at El Real Tex-Mex featuring Izkali tequila pairings. All other finalists will each receive $25 gift certificates to El Real Tex-Mex.

To become one of the final 12, you must be selected by Crawl officials as having the best costume at a particular stop at a particular time, with those stops & times being:
Poison Girl, Pistolero’s, and the Free Press Graveyard at 8
Boondocks, Stone’s Throw, and Etro Lounge at 9
Catbirds, Royal Oak, and Doc’s Motorworks at 10
Slick Willie’s, Hay Merchant, and El Real Tex-Mex at 11

Selections at each time will be nearly simultaneous, so if you’re not selected at (for example) Poison Girl, please don’t run over to Pistolero’s for another shot – you’ll probably be too late. But you will still have opportunities to be selected as a finalist later on at the other bars & restaurants, so keep Crawling.

Look for Crawl officials wearing staff shirts at the selection stops & times. If you can’t see us, then we may not be able to see you. If there’s any doubt, ask us to take your picture – we’ll be posting photos of each finalist to our Facebook page and Twitter feed all night long.

Any finalists who aren’t at Slick Willie’s at midnight will be disqualified from winning the grand prize, and their gift certificates will be given to the Will Rap 4 Weed lady. Finalists must be selected at our stops prior to midnight – anyone attempting to crash our stage will be hogtied and left underneath the Waugh Bat Bridge for the night.

what are the stops on the crawl doing to celebrate halloween?

Everyone is getting into the spirit. Check out each stop’s link above for details. We’ll post updates as they become available, including drink specials.

what’s the montrose crawl’s relation to the stops on the crawl?

Nada. These are just places we enjoy, and we hope you enjoy them too.

does it cost anything to join the crawl?

Nope, just buy your own drinks, smokes, company, etc.

do i have to wear a costume?

Yes, it’s a Halloween party. Don’t be a schmuck.

how much walking will be involved?

Roughly 1/2 of a mile in total, spread out over several hours – a challenge for able-bodied Houstonians.

is there parking?

None that Montrose Crawl will provide. So why don’t you take Uber instead? A friendly driver will drop you off and pick you up at Hay Merchant – it’s the safest way to enjoy the Montrose Crawl, and Uber virgins will be offered free rides.

how does the crawl benefit the houston area women’s center?

HAWC is the Crawl’s official charity. All of the bars participating in the Crawl will donate a portion of their sales during the Crawl to HAWC, which means that Crawlers will contribute to HAWC with every drink they buy. The Montrose Crawl has raised over $30,0000 total for HAWC over the years, and every penny of it has been put to good use.  Please visit HAWC’s own website to learn more about the services it provides to women and children in need, and to discover additional ways you can contribute to its mission.

can i bring my child to the crawl?

No, the Crawl is strictly 21 and up.