Mo Mong

Mo Mong

Mo Mong Logo @1201 Westheimer from 10 to 1, with two best costume awards at 11:30

Always absolutely fabulous, Mo Mong has both style and sustenance. Fusing traditional Vietnamese family recipes with modern cuisine, Mo Mong offers fresh takes on all of your delicious favorites. But food is only half of the fun at Mo Mong, which features an incredible cocktail menu, live DJs, and priceless people watching.

During this year’s Crawl, Mo Mong will be featuring $5 Reyka & Red Bulls and $5 Thai Bombs made with Sailor Jerry, plus a large selection of Asian inspired tapas at $5 a plate. And don’t forget that two best costume finalists will be selected at Mo Mong, giving you your best chance to enter the big dance.

Check out Mo Mong’s website and Facebook page for more details.

Mo Mong Photo